Saturday 27 November 2010

Highlights from the Knitted Textile Awards 2010

Jacob Oram
Extremely large, over the top chunky knits by Jacob Oram ex of Colchester School of Art and Design, the knit seems to be growing and almost becoming an organic mass engulfing the wearer.

Rachel Mary Walsh

Rachel Mary Walsh showed her work inspired by the linear qualities she recognises in city features such as street alleys, brickwork, silhouettes and skylines.
Rachel ex of Huddersfield University creates knitted drawings displayed in the form of hangings and resin tiles. She has a great blog all about knit that you can see here

Deryn Relph

The Overal Prize Winner was Deryn Relph ex of Winchester School of Art  showed ‘Retro Rainbow Rejuvenation’ which as she says "exploits the properties of knitted textiles and a variety of techniques to explore the possibilities of reinventing interiors."
you can find out more about Deryn here

Sophie Strickson

Sophie Strickson ex of Birmingham Institute of Art and Design has created a fantastic collection of contemporary knitted cushions with dimensional surfaces with a colour palette to follow trends for S/S 2011.

Harriet Clinch

I loved this grizzly Bear faced knitwear collect from Harriet Clinch

Orawee Choedamphai

Orawee Choedamphai ex of Buckingham New University has made a  series of three-dimensional knitted ornaments inspired by Lego that could be linked together to form bigger structures. She produces these amazing pieces by working with unconventional materials such as wire and cable ties.
You can see more of her work here

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