Saturday, 27 November 2010

Thermofax Printing

On show at the Knit and Stitch show in Harrogate Thermofax Printing.
This could be a solution for those wannabe printers out there with no access to print facilities.
Your designs can be sent to Thermofax and screens will be sent back to you by post, they are paper thin and much more storable than traditional screens.

Thermo-Fax or Thermofax is a photocopying technology developed by 3M in the 1950s and later marketed as a method of producing transparencies for overhead projectors. Modern technology has made the machines largely redundant for their original uses but textile artists and tattoo artists now use them to produce textile screens and tattoo stencils respectively. Original machines are rare but new machines are now being manufactured in Germany. The screens supplied by Thermofax Screens are made using a modern machine. The process is particularly good for reproducing images or textural marks that would be difficult or very expensive to produce with other screen methods

The screens come in various sizes and they have a wide selection of water based inks available. 
You can have a look at their products here

Max. image sizeFrame size
11cm x 6cmMini (plastic)
18cm x 9cmSmall (plastic)
24cm x 16cmMedium (plastic)
38cm x 25cmLarge (metal)

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