Thursday, 28 October 2010

Alice Kettle - Telling Tales

Alice Kettles wonderful embroidered textiles, ceramics and sculptures are on show at Manchesters  Gallery of Costume, Platt Hall until 31st December 2010

 Alice has drawn from the collection at the Gallery of Costume to create this body of work, she was especially fascinated by a collection of gloves and images found in a photo album.

 Alice describes Platt Hall as a treasure trove, awe inspiring and magical.

Find out more about Alice Kettles work here

Maxine Sutton - embroidered and printed textiles

 Maxine Sutton's embroidered and printed textiles were on show at The great Northern Craft fair. Her quirky illustrations adorned a variety of products, from lampshades to teacosys and embroidered lavender hearts.

You can see more of Maxines work and visit her online shop here

Drawings in Thread by Debbie Smyth

 Debbie Smyth draws directly onto walls with thread and pins. This work is on show at Manchester Craft Centre until October 30th, so if you want to see it, you'll have to be quick.

You can find out more about debbie and see photos of her making this work here

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Jane Blease Design - Wooden Veneer Lighting

 Wooden Veneer Lampshades, stitched veneer artworks, oak lightboxes and tortoise shell lighting on show at the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair.

FInd out more and see Jane's full collection and visit her shop here 

Laura Slater - Printed Textiles

Cushions, chairs, carpets and lighting from Laura Slater
Laura previously participated in the AA2A scheme at Huddersfield University which provides placements for artists in Higher Education 
You can see more of her work, discover her stockists and visit her online shop here

Catherine Hammerton - Printed and embroidered textiles

 Collage and stamp inspired textiles and wallpaper showcasing trompe l'oeil effects for Catherine's 'Collection 09'

ceramicstable linens
You can see more of Catherines wallpaper, table linens and ceramics here.

Julia Snowdin

Julia Snowdin' knitted monofilament installation, inspired by statistics and questions around eating disorders, media and advertising looked stunning in the Great Northern Graduates 2010 area. A graduate of Huddersfield University, Julia exhibited at New designers and was featured in Crafts magazine. 

Suzi Mclaughlin - Laser cut paper foliage

 Intricate Laser cut paper installation seen at The Great Northern Contemporary Craft fair in Manchester.
 Suzi Mclaughlin's work was exhibited in the Great Northern Graduate 2010 section of the show
 She has had installation work commissioned by Harvey Nichols , Knightsbridge store. You can see the images at 

Friday, 22 October 2010


Ombrae process images using computer numerical control (CNC) to produce a 3D photograph made with what they call "Optical Tiles"